Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area was founded with the purpose of preserving the Delaware River watershed, as well as the beautiful surrounding area of the Pocono Plateau.


In the 1950s, the Army Corps of Engineers began surveying the Delaware River Valley in hopes of building a dam. While the dam would provide clean water for the cities of New York and Philadelphia, it would also cover the valley with up to 140 feet of water, obscuring thousands of years of cultural and natural history and  in the process.

Fortunately, engineers discovered that this stretch  of the Delaware River was unsuitable for a project of such a large scale, and they abandoned the area they had acquired through eminent domain. In its place, the National Park Service stepped forward, ready to save the river and the ridges to either side of this nearly forty mile stretch of riverbanks and rolling hills.  

 1965: Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area founded

1998: Friends of DWGNRA incorporated 

Today, the park protects a multitude of flora and fauna, while also providing recreational opportunities for visitors from around the world. From paddlers to hikers, botanists to fisherman, all are welcome to explore Delaware Water Gap  National Recreation Area and find their own special place in the park. ​

To learn more about Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, visit the park website.

History of the Park and Friends