The Friends provide support for DWGNRA in many different ways.

From organzing funding for the annual Volunteer Appreciation Event to providing park information at public events, the Friends are there. 



​1. Support

Bureaucracy can be a real challenge. Luckily, the Friends are there to help. 

When funding is low, the Friends have stepped in to help finance education and stewardship programs. When upcoming local and state projects threaten park resources, the Friends are there to provide a voice.  

3. Advocacy

​2. Stewardship

The Friends believe in preserving the park for future generations.

DWGNRA is heralded for its pristine waterways, beautiful trails, and numerous historic structures. Through various efforts, the Friends are helping to preserve that legacy.

The Friends have helped allocate donations and volunteers for sustainably-designed trails (including the restructuring of the ever-popular Childs Park), and much more...

The Friends strive to preserve the natural, historical, recreational, and cultural features of Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (DWGNRA). 

By gathering donations and finding volunteers, the Friends are able to provide funding for vital park projects, as well as support day-to-day operations.